How does stress impact weight loss?
How does stress impact weight loss?

How does stress impact weight loss?

Northern Bootcamp’s fitness bootcamps are not just for weight loss, they also serve as a great way to improve your wellbeing and focus on your mental health. Learn how destressing can help with weight loss and how to avoid the negative side effects of stress in this guide:

We all know that stress has negative impacts on your emotions and wellbeing, but are you aware that it also affects your physical health?

When you are stressed, your body releases extra cortisol hormones into your system, which increases your appetite, reduces your metabolism, and increases fat storage in your body, especially your abdomen.

Stress also has a negative impact on your sleep, which further reduces your metabolism levels, and being tired makes it difficult to be motivated to exercise. The mix of anxiety and tiredness can also cause you to crave sugary, high calorie foods and overeating is common with people turning to comfort foods to try to improve their mood, which in turn leads to insulin resistance, making it harder to lose weight in the long-term and elevating your blood sugar levels.

So, how can a fitness boot camp help reduce your stress levels?

Sometimes it is vital to take a break and reset in order to effectively manage your stress. There are many mental health benefits to exercise and taking time to retreat from normal life on a weight loss bootcamp:

Digital detox

Reducing your screen time and stepping away from constant commitments and pings from your phone can give you a well-deserved break from reality. Concentrate solely on your own wellbeing while focusing on your goals in beautiful Northumberland without the distractions of the news, work, and other stressors.

Boost your endorphins

Exercise stimulates your endorphin levels and reduces the level of cortisol in your body, which aids in weight loss while also boosting your mood.


Although you will have a full itinerary including exercise sessions and mealtimes, you also get the chance to unwind at Northern Bootcamp. Our luxury accommodation features chill-out areas and super cosy beds, and you can relax in the hot tub or sauna to sooth your muscles and soak your stresses away.

Become part of our community

Our fitness bootcamps bring together individuals who are looking to improve their wellbeing and reach their goals, so you will meet like-minded people who can form a support network through exercise, the outdoors, and enjoying healthy, home cooked meals together.

Get outdoors

The combination of fresh air and gorgeous views of hills, fields, and the sea in stunning Bamburgh will do wonders for your mental health and help boost your mood while on boot camp.

We are here to support you in your goals on bootcamp, whether you are focusing specifically on weight loss, improving your fitness, or looking for a healthy and fun way to destress and improve your wellbeing. Learn more about our wellbeing retreats or get in touch with any questions about attending Northern Bootcamp!


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