Hip mobility with Joel, oh and Harley the dog too!

Hip mobility with Joel.


In this video Joel, with the help of Harley the dog, describes how the back and the hips are closely linked when it comes to mobility issues, and how sitting all day in an office can weaken your glutes and tighten your hip flexes.

He demonstrates three easy mobility drills that you can do at home to improve the function of your hips:


  1. Rolling out your glutes with a lacrosse ball.
  • Use a lacrosse ball (available to buy online) under your glutes to massage any stiff or sore areas, as shown in the video.


  1. Kneeling lunge.
  • This is great for stretching out the hip flexes and as Joel shows it is very quick, easy and effective.


  1. Squat with knee rotation.
  • As demonstrated, this movement strengthens your hips and increases mobility by turning your knees alternately while squatting.


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