Help us compile the ultimate Northern Bootcamp playlist

Help us compile the ultimate Northern Bootcamp playlist

Music and exercise go hand-in-hand. Music can help take your mind off the burn, or help you reach new heights and beat your goals.

We use music for a lot of our routines and sessions at Northern Bootcamp for the positive effects it can bring.

Now, we want your help to compile the ultimate Northern Bootcamp playlist. We want to know what your favourite exercise tracks are. It could be something fast-paced that you love running to, or something with a driving bass line to help you find your rhythm during weights sessions, or it could be a totally chilled out track that you use during your warm up or Pilates sessions.

We have given you some examples of our own favourites below, with contributions from the Northern Bootcamp team and also from the guys at Podium, our digital marketing company.

Check out our suggestions then drop us a line on social media (Twitter or Facebook) with your favourite tracks – don’t forget to give us the Youtube link if you can – we’ll add them all together to create the ultimate Northern Bootcamp Playlist!

Caroline Smith: Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor

Caroline says: “We used to play this in the hockey changing room before a match. We had it blasting and everyone would start focusing, getting ready to go on the pitch and play their hearts out. I now love it when doing a boxing session – especially with Dan on the pads, it really fires me up and makes me push myself.”

Dan Smith: Thunderstruck, by ACDC

Dan says: “This song is amazing and never fails to get you psyched up. The way the guitar riff builds and builds, and is then joined by Brian Johnson’s unmistakable vocals, makes this an incredible exercise song.”

Bruce Smith: Happy, by Pharrell

Bruce says: “Has to be Pharrell, Happy. It was played every morning at the Marathon des Sables just before we set off for the days stage. Every time I hear it I think of that epic week!”

Leanne Smith: Every Time we Touch, by Cascada

Leanne says: “This is on the list because I love a bit of Chav! And it was the first song on the album I had on my phone when I started running for the first time ever! I always felt so healthy and fit on the first song, by the time I got to the end of the album, I thought I might die! Actually, no past tense required, still feel like I am going to die!”

Steve MayburySunshine Underground, by Chemical Brothers

Steve says: “This is a slow burner, but is great to run to. While at university in Aberystwyth, I would regularly run a particular route that took me out of the town and into the next valley. This song always came on as I ran along a deserted path, towards the ocean, with not a soul in sight. The sound of it still takes me back to this exact point…”


Graeme Miller: Higher State of Consciousness, by Josh Wink

Graeme: “Love this song – the fast pace is great for running to, and it builds to a fantastic climax!”

Emma Thompson: Turn Down for What, by DJ Snake and Lil John

Emma: “This is my happy Friday afternoon song! Always gets me pumped up. You can pretend the slightly angry vocals are urging you on to exercise harder and faster!”

Andy Thevarokiam: Sandstorm by Darude

Andy says: “I’ve got loads of favourite dance tracks on my running list but as I have to just pick one, I’ll go for Sandstorm by Darude… it always makes me up the pace and makes me push harder!”

Matt Isherwood: Are You Gonna be my Girl by Jet

Matt says: “I love the upbeat feel of this song – it’s got a great bass line and riff running through it. Perfect for working out to!”

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