Bootcamps 5 healthy food substitutes to live by
5 healthy food substitutes to live by

5 healthy food substitutes to live by

Exercise can only get you so far when it comes to fat loss – it’s essential to eat well as well.

But there are some things we come to depend on as part of our favourite meals – and healthy alternatives might not seem so easy to come by. Plus, of course, we all want to treat ourselves once in a while!

As always, Northern Bootcamp is here to help.

Here are Northern Bootcamp’s top five simple food swaps that are quick and easy to achieve using basic ingredients.

  1. Chia Seed Jam instead of sugary shop-bought jam.

This is an incredible, delicious alternative to traditional jams – you won’t go back once you’ve tried it!


2. Greek yoghurt, lemon juice and a pinch of salt instead of mayo.

Nice and simple, this one. Mayonnaise tastes great in sandwiches, but our version tastes just as good and you won’t feel guilty afterwards


3. Baked bhajis instead of deep fried – i.e. ANYTHING baked instead of deep fried! 

This goes for loads of foods – you can achieve great results in an oven, with healthy seasonings such as black pepper and dried herbs and spices, instead of frying everything. Onion bhajis are a firm favourite example – check out our fab recipe below:



4. Northern Bootcamp BBQ sauce instead of store-bought condiments.

Take one cup of passata, a teaspoon of smoked paprika, a tablespoon soy sauce, a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and also add a teaspoon of Dijon mustard to the sauce. Simmer until thickened and use instead of ketchup! It’ll keep for ages in the fridge in a sealed container!


  1. Our chocolate amazeballs instead of Ferrero Rocher or other shop-bought chocolates.

This is a long-standing Bootcamp favourite – so much so that it featured in our amazing recipe book, Bootcamp Kitchen. Check it out below:



Interested in more healthy recipe alternatives? Don’t forget to buy your copy of Bootcamp Kitchen here!

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