Great North Run training - 11 weeks to go!

Great North Run training – 11 weeks to go!

How is your Great North Run training going? There are just 11 weeks to go before 50,000 people take to the start line for the world’s best half marathon, GNR2015.

If your training is going well, then by now you really ought to be able to run at least half the distance – six or seven miles – in comfort. All you need to do between now and the big day is gradually increase the distances in training – as a bare minimum, make sure you can run eight or nine miles in training before the big day.

Plus, make sure you look after your legs. Even if you’re running well and feel good, don’t neglect your pre-run warm up to get the blood flowing, and your post-run stretches. The last thing you want is to develop any niggles between now and September 13th.

If you do pick up any injuries, don’t ignore them – take care of them yourself if you can with ice, rest and gentle stretching, but make sure you see a specialist if needed.

But if it’s not going well, then what can you do? It’s still not too late to train to a decent standard for a half marathon, even from scratch, but you really do need to start now to make sure you enjoy the experience as fully as possible on the day.

No more excuses, no more choosing to watch TV for an hour in the evening instead, just get your trainers on and run! If you’re still not in training, you’re in serious risk of ruining your day when it comes around, so get going!

If you want to talk through any training tips or need any motivational advice, drop us a line via Twitter on @northbootcamp

Or, if you’re really struggling and still need a kick start, why not book in for a boot camp? We only use positive motivational techniques – no military-style shouting – and we’ll knock you into shape so that you can build some proper momentum ahead of the GNR.

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