Gifts to keep active family members safe

Gifts to keep active family members safe

The January rush to become fit will no doubt hit some of your friends and family. Why not encourage them with a gift to help them stay safe while they exercise?

For the runner

1Send runners out in good faith with a Flipbelt, which is fitness belt that allows users to carry phones, keys, money and more without having to worry about losing them. This is a comfortable and secure way for runners to venture anywhere with their belongings. And it’s available in seven colours!


Price: £25.00



2Get a pair of wireless headphones to make their work out entirely hands-free. Aftershokz are the safest option: instead of blocking out sound around you, this headphone set conducts music through a user’s cheekbones—allowing runners or cyclists to still easily hear road noise, and even accept calls without tuning out the outside world.

Price: $79.99-$99.99

Buy: Amazon ships Aftershokz to the UK


For the cyclist

3Competitive bikers can keep their eyes on the road while monitoring performance with Sportiiiies.


This heads up display is attached to glasses to allow users to monitor their heart rate with colour LED lights and voice prompts. This means there’s no need to play with a watch or a phone, and users can be guided toward personal targets like speed, cadence and power.

Price: $149.99+VAT&shipping



For the walker

Have an older relative who enjoys a nightly jaunt? A walking stick equipped with an alarm and light could keep them safe. Or opt for this one with glow in the dark handle which is a bit more elegant.

Price: £17.99- £29.99


For active women

Skip that expensive fitness tracker, and get this clip-on pedometer that can also keep her safe.


The Ila Sport Personal Alarm and Pedomoter features a personal alarm that sounds at 130dB as well as calorie counter, pedometer, distance tracker, and clock—all at an affordable price. It can fasten to clothing and give runners or walkers extra confidence while exercising alone. carries a variety of safety products for active females.

Price: £19.99


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