#GetYourSpringBack with Northern Bootcamp

#GetYourSpringBack with Northern Bootcamp


It is impossible to overstate how great it feels to have a real spring in your step. The spring that you get when you’re in shape, are eating well and feel great about yourself.

Your posture is improved, you can bound up a flight of stairs, or run for the bus. It helps your self-confidence, makes you feel less tired and sluggish, and can even have side benefits such as improving your complexion.

Basically, you just feel better when you’re fit.

At Northern Bootcamp, we want to hit spring in the right way and want to help you all to #GetYourSpringBack – so we’ll be bringing you a host of hints and tips to help you get moving, bouncing, jumping and running again!

Keep an eye on our social media feeds – Twitter and Facebook – throughout April as we bring you loads of tips to help you find your spring again.

To get you started, check out our plyometrics post, with three great exercises that won’t take long, need minimal equipment and will help you feel light and bouncy!

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