5 Simple Steps to find your motivation mojo

5 Simple Steps to find your motivation mojo

There are lots of reasons why motivation drops off and sometimes disappears altogether, leaving you uninspired, bored and often growing in size! There is no time like the present to turn this around and by following these 5 simple steps you can do just that. 

1)      Set a Goal – this does not have to be a weight loss goal, we would highly recommend an event or an exercise goal.  For instance sign up to a 5km run, or a 100km bike ride or charity moonwalk or a triathlon!  It is important to be realistic in what you can achieve and when.  You could plan several but a short term goal of 2 months or less should be your first one.

2)      Make a plan – Once you have your goal, look at your weekly schedule and work out how you can fit your training in. How much can you and do you need to do? Set aside time each week, write it down and tick it off when you have done it, it feels great.

3)      Be effective with your time. Research shows that you can train for as little as 20 mins to achieve effective results in both fat burning and fitness. Therefore you no longer need to slog it out for 90mins every time you exercise, add some short HIIT sessions into your plan on days when you are short of time. ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING

4)      Visualise – the power of the mind is often under rated and it is not our bodies, or our work load, or our family pressures that stop us training, it is our mind. Continually remind yourself how you will feel after you train. YOU NEVER REGRET A RUN (or gym session/bike etc..)  Visualise yourself achieving, completing your race or trying on your bikini.

5)      Just do it – don’t think. You do not give yourself the option of not training,it will help you achieve your goal, it is part of your plan, it is only for 30 mins, I will feel great afterwards. There is no excuse not to train, there is no option to stay on the sofa. But your trainers on before you sit down and JUST DO IT

Feel free to share your goals on the Northern Bootcamp facebook page and we can help to keep you motivated and will look forward to seeing a photo of the end result.

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