HIIT me up - get fit with HIIT!
HIIT me up – get fit with HIIT!

HIIT me up – get fit with HIIT!

Weight-loss trends are constantly changing and it’s hard to work out which trends are here to stay.

HIIT, however, is one such trend that isn’t going anywhere: it’s grown in popularity over the past eight years and is definitely here to stay.

It stands for High Intensity Interval Training – performing alternating quick, unsustainable exercises with short recovery periods.

It’s revolutionising the fitness world as it goes against the received wisdom that you need to work out for long periods of time to maximise results.

A typical HIIT workout will last around 10-30 minutes, involving a combination of 30-45 second exercises and 15 second breaks. The aim is to raise and lower your heartbeat quickly.

If you have a busy schedule, HIIT is perfect because you can achieve the same results as a gym routine in just half the time.

What are the effects of HIIT?

Build a healthy heart:

All variations of exercise are good for your health, but studies have shown that intense HIIT workouts can strengthen your heart.

Burn fat after your workout:

HIIT workouts are great for burning fat, but what’s even more fascinating is that your body will carry on burning fat up to 48 hours after your training session.

Save money on gym memberships:

You don’t need a gym membership or any equipment to do a HIIT workout. You can do it in your home, outside or even on your lunch break (providing you have a shower nearby).

Lose fat and not muscle mass:

HIIT is great for maintaining muscle mass whilst also burning more body fat than other exercises. If it’s weight-loss and definition you want – HIIT is your answer!

Ready to get going? You can find Caroline’s favourite HIIT workout:


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