The Fitness Record Breakers from Fitness Boot Camps 2013

The Fitness Record Breakers in 2013

The variety of fitness levels that join us on camp is immense. We want to reward those that focus on fitness as much as those that focus on weight loss. To be on top of the NBC leader board in the fitness test is a huge achievement.  For every one of you that made the leader board at all (top 5) huge well done.

Those that take the top spot and hold the NBC camper record have shown complete commitment to fitness and exercise and continue to be an inspiration to others all around them. The Press Ups and Sit Ups Records are measured by the maximum amount in 2 mins of military standard exercises. The Sticker Run is NBC’s very own cardio test and results in distance ran in 30mins.

Well done to everyone on the list. We can’t wait to see you again in 2014 to see if you can raise the bar further

Press Ups

Male: Gary Byrne 105

Gary Award

Female: Leesa Patterson 77

Leesa Award

Sit Ups

Male: Russ Grainger 86 (2012 record)

Female: Leesa Patterson 91

Sticker Run

Male: Jacob Ozdemia and Paul Seaman 7200m (2012 and 2011 record)

Female: Millie Lepic 7000m

Millie Award

The Plank

Judith Stacey 5mins 38secs

Judith Award

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