Sticking to your fitness goals while the kids are on summer holidays

How to stick to your fitness goals while the kids are on summer holidays


The British school summer holidays have officially started! It might be tempting to use technology to keep the little ones entertained, but with the recent hot weather, you might as well get outside and enjoy the sun. Plus, these options can help you stay on track for your fitness goals while spending that extra time with the family. Here are some of Northern Bootcamp’s top family-friendly activities to get you and the kids moving and having fun this summer!

Take a trip to the beach

English coasts offer miles of sand to run along, sand dunes to roll down and if you are brave enough, maybe even have a dip in the sea! The beach is the also perfect place to bring your badminton rackets, football, frisbee or cricket set. Plus, it’s an excellent way to keep the kids entertained and keep you fit!


Pick your own strawberries

Well – it doesn’t just have to be strawberries! Research self-picking farms near you and get your baskets ready. The walking is a great way to get active and the fruit and veg helps promote healthy snacking or meal options for you and the family to have on hand once you get home.

Plan a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is great to get you hiking, and they can take place anywhere and with anything! Spend the day walking around the woods, identifying the types of trees or wildlife and ticking them off as you go – brilliant for competitive little ones.


Try your hand at camping

Get into nature and spend your days exploring the local area by hiking or cycling with the whole family. Pack a healthy picnic and plenty of water. If camping is too much of a stretch, try glamping caravanning or staying in a small countryside B&B to get a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.


Set up an obstacle course in the garden

Create a back-garden course using anything you can find, then take turns racing around it and make it a competition! Invite people to take part and create a leaderboard, then reward the winner with a prize. It’s a great way of exercising, being creative and having fun with the entire family at the same time.

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