If the fitness advice is confusing, just rely on common sense. More exercise = better!

If the fitness advice is confusing, just rely on common sense. More exercise = better!

which-bootcamps-imageAnother day, another article appears suggesting that the fitness advice we get from health professionals is wrong.

This time, apparently, targets are set too high for some people. That the standard recommended 150 minutes’ worth of exercise per week is too much for some people.

You can see why people get confused and daunted about how much exercise they are meant to be doing. The reality is that, of course, everyone is different – it’s impossible to recommend a fixed amount of exercise that will be feasible and effective for everybody.

This is why our boot camp routines are always tailored for the individual – doesn’t matter how fit you are, we’ll make you work for it and get you sweating!

The critical thing, though, is not to feel intimidated by how much exercise you should or shouldn’t be doing.

In fact, when it comes to exercise, it’s really, really simple. In the vast majority of cases, doing something is better than doing nothing.

Then, if you’re doing a little bit of exercise, try and do a little bit more.

There are loads of ways to squeeze a little bit more exercise into your day. Pick up your pace when walking to the shops or around town. Always take the stairs, never the lift or escalator.

Think about how long you spend each day waiting for something to happen. Waiting for the kettle to boil? Do some press-ups. Waiting for the adverts to finish? Do some squats. Got 20 minutes to spare in the evening? Do stretches for ten minutes then go for a gentle ten-minute run.

There’s no excuse not to do more – but doing nothing can be incredibly damaging to your health and well-being.

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