Feel Naughty, Stay Nice with Northern Bootcamp this Christmas

Feel Naughty, Stay Nice with Northern Bootcamp this Christmas


Anybody who has ever tried to get on Santa’s ‘Nice’ list is familiar with the problem: being good is rarely very much fun.

Being naughty is far more enjoyable, right? But the joy is short-lived as all those extra calories will take their toll in the new Year.

Deciding which way to go is a problem, which is why, at Northern Bootcamp, we have devised a way to get you onto both lists this Christmas.

We’re going to show you ways to enjoy Christmas with some amazing, tasty festive recipes that nobody will know are secretly healthy, as well as some exercise hacks and tips to maximise the time you have available.

The aim? Making sure you hit January without that sluggish, gluttonous feeling that always makes the start of the New Year such a struggle.

Follow our tips that will help reduce calories without reducing taste and flavour. Check out our exercises that you can do quickly and quietly and which will help keep you feeling strong and bouncy until the real hard work can start again in the New year.

And we’ll be ending our Feel Naughty, Stay Nice campaign in January with an amazing new competition to win a boot camp. Keep an eye on our social media feeds for details.

Have fun, and have a great Christmas!

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