Fallen off the fitness bandwagon this summer? We can help!

Fallen off the bandwagon? Caroline’s tips for boosting your motivation

Have you had a summer of chaos, holidays and fun? You’re not alone! Even the most dedicated can struggle when a routine is disrupted…. So here’s Bootcamp’s Caroline with some advice for getting back on your fitness bandwagon and re-focusing your goals!


Hi, Caroline here!

Today I want to talk to you about what happens when you fall off the fitness waggon and you lose motivation.
I have had a pretty busy summer on boot camp (which has been fabulous) but juggling a family, a job and other commitments can make it difficult to stick to your usual fitness routine. So I wanted to address this and talk to you about the best way to get back into it!
My normal training routine is usually six times a week, but over the summer this has slipped to three, maybe four, and nowhere near the same level of intensity as before. I have now found some ways to get my motivation back, and I would like the share them with you.


Take some time – roughly 30 minutes – out of your day with no technology to truly reflect on your summer. Ask yourself:
‘Why I wasn’t training?’
‘What were the reasons?’
Try to figure out the real barriers and identify which ones are just excuses. Has anything happened that is different to normal?


Remember what it felt like when you were motivated
When you prioritise yourself and your health, you feel fit and strong, and you feel more capable to manage every other aspect of your life.
The next thing to do is to think of all the positive reasons that you want to get back into your training. How does it make you feel?


Mini goals
One of the reasons why we stop training as much is often boredom. Small goals are perfect to help spur your motivation and mix up your training.
For example, I have set myself little mini goals on weights that I want to lift by the end of November, so I’ve got a target to work towards. Knowing what you want out of your training will help you train hard with a purpose.


This has made all the difference for me – I now feel back to normal Caroline! I’m training hard and loving every single second. I’m finding it much easy to work and to juggle commitments while making sure that my personal well-being doesn’t suffer.

So for anyone else that has had a summer of chaos, a summer of holidays, a summer of fun or whatever it might be and wants to get back on the training waggon, don’t hold off any longer. Once you get started it really is the best place to be.

If you are still struggling with inspiration, join us at bootcamp for an injection of motivation this autumn!

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