Boot Camp Spain - Diary Day 1 of Boot Camp Holiday

Bootcamp in Spain a campers diary….DAY ONE!


Day 1, in the big brother house…

With an early flight and apprehensive thoughts about what was to unfold I finally arrived at camp at midday after rising at 4 am…

And Wow. The 20 bedroom villa is amazing.. Fit for royalty the entire place did not seem worthy of a bunch of sweaty unwashed roaming it’s grounds..

Of course when you are on the camp to lose weight and find some resemblance of fitness it’s hard not to compare yourself to others.. Whilst I am the biggest here it’s irrelevant. No one here is here to judge. They just want to do their thing and achieve their own goals. So issue number one out of the way!

After all the introductions and everyone being super friendly, we got down to measurements and weighing in. This isn’t se ritual flogging, it’s all done privately and no one needs know a thing…

After a light bite, which was excellently prepared, we took to our first induction to training.. Important wam ups and straight into Boxercising in the 18 degree sunshine..

Of course it was hard, but there wasn’t any pushing or shouting just encouragement – in fact everyone helped each other out. This ‘I’ve got your back’ attitude is going to help me through for sure..

You get out what you put in. No one is judging you, not your fellow campers nor the team.

We had supper all together, salmon beautifully cooked and for a guy who likes a Sunday roast I have to say I wasn’t disappointed and nor did I feel hungry..

Evening finished off with some ‘hot tub’ relaxation… And everyone disappeared off to their very comfortable beds for a well deserved sleep…

I write this from my delicious over sized bed drinking my green tea..

Let’s see what tomorrow has in store.. Night night campers…


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