Save christmas calories with helpful hints from Northern Bootcamp

Save some Christmas Day Calories..

Christmas Day Calories worth 12 hours and 48 minutes of running?

Christmas dinner 

The average calorie intake on Christmas Day is a whopping 6,000… We certainly don’t want to rain or snow on your parade, but is one day really worth 12 hours and 48 minutes of running?

We are all for ‘a little bit of what you like does you good’ However, 6000 calories is no ‘ little bit’!

So this year, celebrate Christmas in style but follow a few handy tips to help you keep the Christmas calories under control and make putting the trainers back on a little easier.

Or alternatively you could sack Christmas Day altogether and just do some hill sprints, followed by a circuit and topped off with a 12 mile hike, Northern Bootcamp style? …Maybe not.

 Here are few hints and tips to help you cut down that running time!

  • Don’t skip any meals so that you feel guilt free about the one big meal of the day. You are more likely to nibble on choccies, nuts and crisps which are far harder to control than a healthy breakfast
  • Ditch the fry up weekend-imageon Christmas morning and have a treat of smoked salmon and scrambled egg and you have  already saved yourself an 800 extra calories.
  • Make your gravy using the vegetable stock and fill your plate with vegetables first, then meat and finally if any room left add a treat.
  • Simple moves such as removing the skin from the turkey and dry roasting potatoes rather than using goose fat will help cut down a further 200 calories on your Christmas Day lunch.
  • Many of the calories are consumed on Christmas day night as we cosy up in front of the festive films and nibble our way through the chocolates, crisps and nuts that have filled our stockings. Yes have a treat – but put a handful on a plate and leave the bag or box in the kitchen!
  • If it is a sweet mince pie that takes your fancy, why not take the lid off and then you have already reduced your calorie intake by upto 250!
  • If you are more into your dips and snacks, the bread sticks, carrot sticks and salsa are far better options than sour cream and cheese straws.
  •  Finally remember the Bootcamp ethos of Earn it or burn it, the less we consume the less we need to run!!  Maybe just 6 hours instead of 12!!

Christmas Cheer

Christmas drinks

Choose a spirit with a low calorie mixer rather than beer and Baileys.

Add some soda to your white wine to give it a sparkle but reduce the calories.

Whatever treat you choose, be sure to enjoy every mouthful!

boxing day dip

It’s not too late to sign up for a boxing day event near you, festive fun run? Or family hike?

We all agree that Christmas is a time of celebration and relaxing.

Small changes can make a difference, so seek out the hidden calories and squeeze in the hidden exercise and when you do kick back, do so guilt free.

NBC Team (Xmas)

However, you celebrate this year, the whole team want to wish you the perfect day for YOU! We look forward to helping you all get motivated in the New Year!

All the best for 2014



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