Northern Bootcamp has been changing Lives since 2010
Changing Lives since 2010

Changing Lives since 2010

A review on one of our weight loss bootcamps this week made us realise how far we have come these past 7 years. The lovely Joanna wrote,

”An inspirational and positive life changing experience, which I would absolutely recommend!”.

With life running by so quickly, we all seldom take time to look at what has been achieved by only looking at what is to come.   Growing our business, it is easy to get stuck into planning and future strategy, but forget to look at what is going on right now. We are so proud of our 5 * reviews, whether it be a Weight loss Bootcamp or a Fitness holiday that you are looking for. We always point any new enquires to our reviews, so thank  you to all who have left one for us. No better advertisement than the words of a client on their departure from Northern Bootcamp.

Click here to look at our Bootcamp reviews. You can also find some testimonials on our site, which we are also very proud of.

Yes…… many join us for a boost to fitness and motivation, along with the added bonus of weigh loss. However, we hope that joining Northern Bootcamp is the start of a sustainable path for you to look back and appreciate your achievements and journey along the way.

We have a long running competition to show Before & After pictures, however, it does not matter how long it takes you, always striving to push your limits and work towards your personal goals, is all the determination you will need.


So next time you hit the wall or feel your motivation fading, take the time to look back and see how much you have achieved already, readdress, plan and pick yourself up and carry on!



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