The Northern Bootcamp Feelgood Factor - It should be bottled

Capturing that Northern Bootcamp feelgood factor

We often talk about the ‘feelgood factor’ at Northern Bootcamp, but it’s really difficult to explain unless you’ve experienced it.

It’s got everything to do with the feeling of working hard and reaping the rewards, hitting your targets, helping your campers on the way (and being helped!), learning new things about yourself, and genuinely achieving something to be proud of.

We like to joke that if we could sell the feeling in bottles, we’d make an absolute fortune!

And then this happened at the 2017 London marathon:

The nation was gripped as Swansea Runner Matthew Rees helped a struggling athlete to complete the race. And that elated, slightly emotional state you feel when you watch that video? That’s something like what our campers experience.

We never push our campers to this level of exhaustion, but we do witness hundreds of similar incidents of people helping other people out, pushing them on to reach their goals and not give up.

And at the end of the week, when it’s time for the weigh-in and everyone can see how much they have changed, the feeling is beyond buzzing. Your legs might feel tired but you’ll be walking on air – and it’s what keeps people coming back to Northern Bootcamp time after time.

So, are you fed up feeling like this…

And want to feel a bit more like this?

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