Boot Camp Spain - Diary Day 14 - Results day!

Bootcamp in spain…DAY 14!! RESULTS DAY!

Day 14 in the BB house – weigh in day!

What can I say about Bootcamp?

Life changing, new friends, fun, hard, exciting, challenging. Worth every penny…

Personally I have had an amazing time. I will always remember my time here.

The team are driven professionals who know exactly what they are doing, who will push you to your own limits without pressure. Not only that they are all super supportive and really great people.. They are from the North after all.

The decision to come on camp isn’t easy, what will people think of me, what if I can’t do it, what if I’m the biggest, what if I can’t keep up… Lots of what if’s..

Think about this; what if you don’t do it? Where will you be? Another failed diet?

This experience, my friends, is life changing but only you can make that decision..

As for the weigh in for me, 9lbs this week so that’s 35lb in two weeks.. That’s a small child removed from my body! My jeans are falling down and I am very happy to buy a new pair!

I couldn’t be happier and I can’t recommend Northern Bootcamp enough.

Seriously, just do it.

Adiós from Spain and hope to see you again in November! 🙂

friends for life




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