Boot Camp Spain - Diary Day 3 of Boot Camp Holiday

Bootcamp in Spain….a campers diary DAY THREE!

Day 3 in the big brother house..

7:30 am again folks and these cardio work outs first thing are tough but really worthwhile…! It’s a good time to exercise!

It was a tough session for me as I have a bad knee but again instead of running, power walk… You only get asked to do what you can do, I mentioned this before but it’s really important to know that you really are not in any competition and there is no pressure whatsoever..

Today we had an amazing post -breakfast agenda, which mainly comprised of walking boots and a mountain! What a fantastic experience. It was tough at times but what a great achievement by everyone…

Last fun of the evening, back to the hot tub… Great for soothing those happy aching limbs…

The whole experience thus far has been fab, great food, people and exercise… And dare I say, I feel a little lighter and a little fitter!!

Night night campers!



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