Boot Camp Spain - Diary Day 7 of Boot Camp Holiday

Bootcamp in Spain…..a campers diary DAY SEVEN!!!

Here we are, day 7 in the BB house!

Today the final 5 left us…(3 of us doing two weeks). Amazing to see them all chuffed with their weight and inch loss!! Lots of happy campers!

I know I’m supposed to be a man, but when I found out what I had dropped in a week, I cried.. I know I know, a Northern Bootcamp should harden me up… I just couldn’t help it..

Was really sad to see our new found friends go, the girls were mostly dressed up and just looked amazing.. All this in a week and great new friendships made..

The four of us (includes one camper  who leaves tomorrow) had a free day so we went and explored a little and had some food out. It may not have quite been Conrad’s standard but was pretty good :-)

~ And we chose healthy options which amazed us all! It was nice to break out from camp but felt a little odd after a week of camp life. Breaking ourselves back in to civilisation.. Thanks to Little Dawg David, Mary and Paula for such a wicked day of laughter and fun.

~ Back on the training tomorrow and exciting that we get to meet 7 new campers to welcome them into the fold…

And finally, I lost 26lb in a week..  That’s 2lb short of two stone… Hence the tears of happiness! It’s down to the dedication of the team for all the training and the well measured and controlled food.. I did put in some effort too! And if I can do it, anyone can… Seriously!

Night night campers… A new week unfolds…


day off in spain

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