Boot Camp Spain - Diary Day 5 of Boot Camp Holiday

Bootcamp in Spain….a campers diary DAY 5!

Day 5 in the Big Brother house… I call it that for a couple of reasons, a bunch of strangers chucked together in one space 24/7… And of course for the Northern accents of our leaders. My impression of them hasn’t got much better in 5 days…

7:30 and that can only mean one thing.. Exercise! Today had a slight twist as we were down on the beach to see the amazing sunrise.. I tried to gain some extra food by cycling down to the beach with Head Chef Conrad.. He was having none of it so I took the van back to the main camp later to watch him cycle alone (sorry buddy).

The beach work was ‘steady state’.. Confused? Well we had to run jog or walk along the beech at the same pace for 15 minutes out and 15 minutes back… Not too easy doing any of those on sand!

After breakfast we had another great talk, this time focussing on exercise and to make a plan for we rerun home. The point is if you want a sustainable difference you have to make exercise part of your life. You have to push yourself. Let’s face it we all have 20 minutes a day where we don’t really have to sit on the couch! There’s lots of encouragement and we are setting up an email group to support each other…

Another couple of HIT sessions with Dan the master and our heart rates were soon up and just in time for another yummy lunch!!

The afternoon was almost a relaxation session offsite. These are great as rest / recovery it is just as important as exercise! It’s also good to get away from camp for a few hours!

Supper, well Conrad played a blinder and lavished us with sea bream and a chocolate mouse.. Heaven for everyone..

We had all booked a massage for after supper which was soooo good! 30 minutes of cracking out those stress points..

Tonight we are having Filim night (film for the non Geordie). A cuppa fruit tea and a bit of TV, all is good in camp tonight…

Sleep well campers!



Team Bonding on the Beach ;-)!!



Today was also a sad day as we lost two team members who were headed home. Linda and Leanne. Both lost weight and inches in just 4 days. Both look amazing!!

We’ll really miss them, would like to call them both my friends now.. Camp certainly does being people together.. All for one and one for all!!

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