Boot Camp Spain - Diary Day 4 of Boot Camp Holiday

Bootcamp in Spain…a campers diary DAY 4!

Day 4 in the big brother house…

It’s morning again and cutting it fine to make the 7:30 start.. Ops! Must be all this fresh air and training…

Started off today with some more interval training (high intensity training).. ‘Get me’ learning all the terminology!

Sadly I pulled my dodgy knee, the one everyone is sick of hearing about! I was forced to stop immediately, these guys seriously know what they are doing, they actually really care about us campers and it properly shows.

In true camp style, our other leader Caroline, came to the rescue and whisked me off for a bike ride. Same intensity but no impact on my knee.

After our breakfast we had a great talk on nutrition. It’s amazing what you don’t know, really. It has seriously made me consider what I put in my mouth in the future. Very insightful!

We moved on to some fun (and exercise) in the pool with the wonderful caring Colette (who always makes her sessions super fun) and after our snack had a great session with the kettle balls with Dan..

After lunch (alfresco), we had an afternoon out! Two great choices of activity.. You’ll have to wait to find out what the activities were, sorry!

The one I chose was really good fun, coupled with some beautiful scenery.. It was quite tough but the feeling you get when you complete these activities is amazing..!

Another super supper from Conrad the kitchen genius and all round nice guy…

Before we depart for bed we are drinking a fruit tea and watching the Chelsea game.. All is good!

…And to top it all a few of the campers told me my face looks slimmer and my round tummy was disappearing.. Happy days…

Night night campers…


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