Boot Camp Spain - Diary Day 12 of Boot Camp Holiday

Bootcamp in Spain…..a campers Diary Day 12

Day 12 in the BB House…

It’s been a while since the last blog so I though I would update you on camp…

The three two ‘weekers’ are holding in and trying our best to continue the momentum of week one..

There has been great variety this week thanks to thoughtful planning by Dan and Caroline not to reproduce everything we had previously done..

The walk up the mountain was the same route and I have to say I found it 50% easier than the pervious week. I suspect carrying two stone less will do that.. My heart didn’t quite jump out of my chest this time around!

I have been pushed on by my new best pal David, not sure I would have made it through without his friendship and constant shouting ‘come on big dawg’. Thanks matey. And of course the continued encouragement from the team.

We have had such an adventure, kayaking on the sea yesterday, wake boarding, which was sooo much fun, on a lake today. Well done to superhero Dan for getting around on skies!


The weather has been awesome.. If the exercise doesn’t make you sweat you can be sure the 26 degrees would…

The new campers in this week are lovely and we all had fun celebrating Dot’s on camp birthday, I’m sure she won’t mind me saying she has past ‘bus pass’ age… She’s amazing and could walk anyone into the ground.. I have no idea what’s she’s saying half the time however, quite a broad scots accent! 🙂


We are all mostly still in touch with our week one comrades and missing them, including our dear chef Conrad.. But a reunion is planned!

Thoughts now turn to Saturdays weigh in… I was rather hoping for 7lbs but I’ll be happy with anything.. This experience has been more than just about losing weight and improving fitness..

I’ll write one more diary on Saturday and give a round up of the experience.. I hear there’s another camp here in November – I suspect if you are not quick it will be taken by Bootcamp abroad week one repeaters…

Happy camping campers…

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