Boot Camp Payment Plan for 2014

Bootcamp Payment Plan for 2014

A fantastic way to help you stay with your New Year fitness or weight loss resolutions and treat yourself to a guaranteed boost in 2014.  We have a whole range of flexible payment plans available so that you can book your place on one of our exclusive residential retreats without clearing out your bank account.

You may even prefer to join our pay monthly plan than pay for a gym you don’t even enjoy.  We can accept any level of monthly payment over any time period, so that you can book a specific camp and spread your payments, or alternatively you can save up with us monthly and book a camp when you have enough in the pot.

How do I start?  EASY –

1) Decide on your monthly amount to save OR decide on the camp you would like to attend

2) Email Leanne – and tell her what you would like to do.

3) Leanne will start your account and send the details to you on how to make a payment, either by credit card or standing order

4) Each month (or after each payment), Leanne will send you a statement of your account so that you can see what you have in there or the outstanding balance on your camp costs.

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