The boot camp guide to making resolutions stick, part 2

The boot camp guide to making resolutions stick, part 2

So, how can you make a resolution stick? This is Northern Bootcamp’s guide to making lifestyle changes and keeping them.

1)      Time your changes carefully. Given what we’ve said about January, above, make sure you time your lifestyle changes carefully. Think about what you’re likely to be able to get done in limited daylight and when the weather is poor. Also, there is no need to tie your changes to the 1st January, if you think you’d rather wait a couple of weeks and do it properly then.

2)      Don’t give up if you stray slightly. We’re all human – don’t panic if you stray slightly, and don’t give up altogether if you do. If you’ve had a tough week back at work and fancy a glass of wine on Friday, that’s ok – even if you’ve resolved to reduce your alcohol intake. Just keep it in moderation and don’t overdo it! As long as you can continue to reduce your overall intake, you’re still winning.

3)      Pick your battles and set clear goals. Trying to stick to a huge list of resolutions is hard work and probably unachievable. Decide what you can achieve, make a short list of achievable goals, and give yourself a deadline. A deadline is important as it’s too easy to leave things until ‘tomorrow’ if you have no urgency or cut-off point. When you hit those targets, then you can move on to the next level if you want – and you’ll be feeling far more positive because you’ve succeeded.

4)      Make sure you enjoy yourself. This is the Northern Bootcamp way – making sure you take the fun approach to achieving a healthier lifestyle and weight loss. If you’re not having fun, you’re unlikely to stick with whatever you choose to do.

5)      Don’t go it alone. It’s always better to find a friend to tackle challenges with. Whether it’s a your partner, a mate, or a colleague, you’ll find it an easier, more positive experience with company.

6)      Try a boot camp! We can help with all of the above. Lose weight (guaranteed!), have fun, feel good, make new friends and get a spring in your step. We can get you on the right track to the look and the lifestyle you want.

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