Boot camp #AdventAbs day 16 - the toughest challenge yet

Boot camp #AdventAbs day 16 – the toughest challenge yet

You’ll have noticed we’ve increased the difficulty rating on the boot camp #adventabs exercise over the past few days. If you’ve been following from Day 1 – and doing everything we suggest – then you’ll be more than up to the challenge, and you’ll be well on your way to a strong core that’ll see you through December and ready to get back ‘on it’ properly in January.

If not, of course you can do these exercises any time – we have designed all the exercise so they need no equipment, are easy to do, and can be done in short, sharp bursts.

Today, we are bringing the last few exercises together into a longer routine. Do what you can, and refer back to our previous blog posts if you need some pointers or reminders of how to carry them out.

Exercise 1: The air bike

Beginner: Five repetitions, three times
Intermediate: Eight repetitions, three times
Advanced: Ten repetitions, three times
Pro: Ten repetitions, four/five times

Exercise 2: The partial sit-up

Beginner: 3x 5 partial situps
Intermediate: 3x 8 partial situps
Advanced: 3x 10 partial situps
Pro: 4x 10 partial situps

Exercise 3: The press-up

Beginner: 3×5 press-ups (on knees if necessary)
Intermediate: 3×10 press-ups
Advanced: 3×15 press-ups
Pro: 3×20 press-ups
Advanced pro: change hand position, or try clapping in between each one.

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