Be prepared: the Northern bootcamp kit list

Be prepared: the boot camp kit list


So, you’ve taken the plunge and are heading to one of our fantastic weight loss boot camps. What do you need to bring?

Everyone who signs up is given a full boot camp kit list, but we have reproduced the below list as a guide to what we recommend everyone brings along.

Lots of our visitors are loyal/repeat campers, and of course they’ll prepared, but we have lots of new campers visiting for the first time this summer. If you stick to the list, you’ll be prepared for every eventuality!

Outdoor Wear
 Cap
 Sunscreen
 Waterproof jacket
 Waterproof trousers
 Walking boots
 Trainers
 Spare Old trainers/walking boots
 Wetsuit (these will be provided free of charge if needed)

General Wear
 Tracksuit bottoms/leggings/shorts
 Tracksuit top/sweatshirt
 Warm fleece tops
 T-shirts – at least 2 dry fit (not cotton)
 Thermals or long sleeve base layers (not cotton)
 Thick socks (at least one pair of good walking socks)
 Sports socks
 Underwear
 Swimwear
 Pyjamas/nightwear
 Slippers – or indoor shoes
 Flip flops for shower
 Towels x 1
 Rucksack (with 2 full straps – not shoe strings)
 Notebook
 Camera
 Large water bottle/container
 Personal hygiene products
 Sunscreen/insect repellant
 Personal First Aid Kit (Senecot, paracetamol, tubigrip – ankle/knee support, anti-inflammatory gel, ibuprofen tablets, plasters, blister pack, white tape, laxatives)

If you can think of anything else that should be on the list, do let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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