Avoiding fad diets and sticking to common sense

Avoiding fad diets and sticking to common sense

michael lavender- northern bootcampThere was a great recent article on the Telegraph website about avoiding fad diets because they are exactly that – fads – which will be forgotten about just as quickly as they spread in popularity.

The piece says that diet crazes do little to help people in the long-term, and that simply adopting a healthy, active lifestyle is far more beneficial. It seems like common sense, doesn’t it? So why are these fads so popular?

Of course, the main reason is that people are looking for a quick fix. They believe that there may be shortcuts that will allow them to continue a sedentary lifestyle, or to continue to eat takeaways or other fatty and sugary foods.

Worse, though, is the feeling that quick results are never far away, which leads to complacency. Fad diets make people believe that they can shed weight quickly if they decide to attempt to do so – so it’s easy to leave exercise until ‘tomorrow’, believing you’ll always be able to get into shape quickly and easily, when you set your mind to it.

But this is a dangerous trap to fall into and is usually the first step to long-term and uncontrollable weight gain, and all the negative health effects that can have.

At Northern Bootcamp, we can certainly sympathise with people’s plights, but we never encourage crash or faddy diets. Our two-pronged approach – great, healthy food and frequent exercise, in short bursts if necessary, achieves guaranteed results.

We provide campers with the inspiration needed to make a real change to their lives. We give a kickstart to weight loss that shows how easy it can be to get in shape simply by eating amazing food and exercising frequently.

We also give campers the guidance – such as nutritional guides and exercise plans – to help keep them on the right track in the long term.

By making a few adjustments, it soon becomes easier to stay in shape and be healthy, than to slob about and gain weight – without the need to resort to unhealthy fad diets.

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