Our last Weight Loss Boot Camp receives amazing feedback!

Amazing Feedback from our last camp! Well done Northern Bootcamp Team

So Good Friday hailed the end of our biggest camp of the year so far and I know the team worked very hard and looked forward to a much needed break this weekend.  Today we start work again to prepare for our next camp beginning again tomorrow!

So what more of a pick-you-up, do you need to get motivated again on this wet Tuesday morning than to read this wonderful feedback:



I had the most wonderful week – it’s definitely changed my life for the better. My cupboards are full of healthy food and I’ve already been out training this morning.

I would like to thank Dan and Caroline for brilliant teaching sessions – I am already living my life according to the guidance they gave.

Ali was brilliant – incredibly patient with me. I was the slowest!!!

Colette is a wonderful woman. She too was so patient kind and helpful. It’s exactly that support without pressure that meant I was able to finish – even if I was last. She is an inspiration- I couldn’t believe that she was any older than 30!!!

Pat encouraged me to abseil when I really didn’t want to. I told him that I had done abseiling when very much younger but was too scared now. He said I could do it just as well at 52 and didn’t let me quit. He was right.

Jenna- what’s lovely lady. We didn’t see as much of her but she just radiates kindness and support.

Conrad the cook- brilliant! I now know that healthy food can be delicious.

 I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the experience. I had been stuck in a rut of trying to exercise and lose weight and just getting nowhere. I feel as though I’ve had a life transplant!!!

Thank you to everyone. A wonderful place and amazing people


Northern Bootcamp


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