Adventure and Activities to stay Active

Adventure and Activities to stay Active

Fitness comes in many shapes and forms. Fitness is not all about running or lifting weights. At northern bootcamp, we pride ourselves in the variety of exercise and activity sessions that you can have the opportunity to experience. If you don’t enjoy running or the gym, that is no excuse not to develop your fitness.

We believe that everyone can find a passion or a hobby that will suit them as an individual that they can enjoy. Every different type of exercise will offer something different to help not only your body but also your mind.   There has been a phenomenal rise in outdoor activities and events in the UK over the last two years. We have discovered our Ireland like never before. For many of us, the COVID restrictions inspired us all to try something new, to visit places we hadn’t been before even though they were on our doorstep. To embrace the opportunity to get outside once a day.

Wild swimming participation went through the roof as we took Lakes, Seas, Rivers, Lochs and Reservoirs to feel alive and exhilarated and free from the confines of our homes or work places. The benefits of cold water swimming go far beyond the physical benefits to your muscles and body. The benefits to the mind are massive. The feel of a community when you experience stepping out of your comfort zone with someone else and realising the rush of endorphins when you step back into your zone with a new positivity and energy that cant be achieved if you never leave that comfort zone.. gift voucher for canoe session

There are many other ways to leave that comfort zone and feel a sense of achievement like never before, it does not necessarily mean dunking yourself in the North Sea in December. It maybe climbing a mountain, or riding a bike or even simply walking for over 10 miles. Embracing the British countryside in horrendous weather, completing your first 5km, standing up on a paddle board, or simply putting on a wetsuit are also big accomplishments for many.

Bamburgh and Northumberland are home to some of the most spectacular countryside in the UK and for many this area has only just been discovered. It is also home to the most amazing opportunities for real adventure… The definition of adventure “A journey with an uncertain outcome”

I love to see people embrace adventure. Your adventure might be something very different to the person you sit next to at the dinner table, but no matter how big or small it is YOUR adventure.

Rock climbing, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, coasteering, body boarding, orienteering, hill walking, coastal walks, abseiling, kayaking, snorkelling, seal swimming, cycling, bush craft and survival things are some of the adventures that we have to offer. They are all waiting for you to embrace your very own personal adventure. Fitness is not only about running and weights it is about finding your limits and passion to stay active, be active for as long as you can and most importantly, enjoy yourself and feel great.




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