#AdventAbs Day 13 - boot camp healthy hangover cures

#AdventAbs Day 13 – boot camp healthy hangover cures

Even the strongest-willed amongst us can get a little carried away with alcohol at Christmas, and end up feeling more than a little worse for wear the next day. But try not to reach for the caffeine, sugar and saturated fats – it will only compound the problem and leave you feeling sluggish for longer.

There is no real cure for hangovers – they are personal and we are all affected by alcohol in different ways. However, it is possible to ease the symptoms in a number of ways so you can at least stave off the dreaded all-day hangover.

Putting the right things back into your body is essential to replace what you’ve lost, and repair the damage you’ve done. This simple boot camp list will help stop that room spinning, your head pounding and your stomach from churning.

Eggs are brilliant, and should be a regular part of your diet anyway. They are versatile, quick to cook and delicious. They also contain cysteines, which help to mop up all the toxins that a hungover body contains. If you’re doing scrambled eggs and want to be really healthy, try to use a majority of egg whites, with just a couple of yolks for colour and flavour.

Coconut water
Potassium is the key here – along with the fact that coconut water is incredibly hydrating – because a carton of coconut water contains more potassium than a banana, and this stuff is brilliant for easing those symptoms. Of course, they’re unlikely to stock this in your corner shop so you need to be plan ahead so you have this at hand when you don’t want to change out of your jogging bottoms all day!

Soup – especially home-made – is amazing at helping to replace fluids, sodium and electrolytes in your body, which we lose when vomiting. Chicken or tomato soup is best here. Get some made in advance and you’ll be feeling great in no time.

Fruit and fruit juices are great for hangovers, and far better than sugary alternatives. The natural fructose will help give you energy, the vitamins will help replace what you’ve lost, and the fibre helps restore your poor, suffering digestion system. of all the fruit to reach for though, bananas are king. If you can stomach eating a banana as early as possible on the morning after, you’ll reap the benefits later on the day.

Green tea
Green tea is growing in popularity among the health-conscious. It’s packed with anti-oxidants to keep your organs healthy, and will help to rehydrate you.

Saving the most obvious until last, drink as much water as you can! Lots of people swear by a big glass of water before they head to bed, which will help to minimise the effects of the alcohol, but remember the dehydrative effects of your boozy night could last throughout the next day, so keep on drinking water!
You’re feeling a little rough today, so take a day off from the #AdventAbs exercises today! We’re back on it tomorrow though so be prepared to make up for lost time!

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