Achieving your fitness goals with a family/work balance

Achieving your fitness goals while trying to maintain family/work balance

Northern-Bootcamp-team29Our fitness specialist and bootcamp favourite Bruce Smith answers one of our most frequently asked questions, and talks about his decision to sign up for one of the world’s toughest events…

One of the questions I’m asked on a regular basis is, “How can I train while I’m working full time, trying to run the household and study for a qualification all at the same time? I’m just too exhausted and don’t have the time.”

It’s easy for someone to say “make time for yourself, train before work or late at night,” but actually making the changes is not always that simple.

Having eventually recovered from a knee operation, which kept me out of training for the best part of a year, I thought it was time to put my money where my mouth is.

The time came to sign up to one of the hardest Ironman races in the world, Ironman Lanzarote.  It is a long distance triathlon race consisting of a 2.4 mile rough water sea swim, 112 miles cycling through the mountains and larva fields of the island, battling the baking hot winds and sun, before finally running a marathon all in under the time limit of 17hrs.

I will be trying to fit my training in while working as a full time trainer with Northern Bootcamp, a sports massage therapist in my spare time, and working towards two further health and fitness qualifications.

This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 6am and headed to the pool to try to work on my swim, this is usually my weakest aspect of the race but it felt good to be back in the water again.

This session I concentrated on trying to improve my technique which will be a massive advantage come race day. Its only 15 weeks till I will be at the start line and I’ll be posting regular updates on how training is progressing. Wish me luck!


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