5 Reasons to attend Northern Bootcamp as a Couple

5 Reasons to Boot camp as a Couple

Have you ever thought about booking a place at Northern Bootcamp with your partner? We’ve seen many couples come through our doors over the years, and many are quick to tell us just how much the experience has improved not just their health, but also their relationship. Here are five reasons why you and your partner should come along to Northern Bootcamp together:

Twice the motivationReasons to boot camp as a couple

Many challenges are easier to overcome when tackled as a couple, and getting fit is no different. Having a partner to lean on is vital when the going gets tough, and equally, it’s important to offer your own support when your partner is losing motivation.

Going to a boot camp can also be intimidating for some, so get your other half to tag along to make the whole process less daunting – not that you have anything to worry about anyway as our staff are super friendly!

Give your kids a healthy future

Children pick up a lot of the habits of their parents – both good and bad. The sad reality is that obese parents are likely to have obese children, and obesity can remain a problem for that child going into adult life.

Give your child the best possible hope of a bright and healthy future by passing on to them the things you’ll learn at Northern Bootcamp – how to eat healthily, how to stay in shape, and most of all, how to have a positive outlook not just on fitness, but on life in general.

Strengthen your relationship

As mentioned, staying fit can increase the emotional desire you have for your partner – but that’s just one of many other reasons why getting fit and staying healthy can improve your relationship.

Exercising releases endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body – this can explain why you’ll often feel somewhat euphoric after a tough workout. This positive energy can be channelled into your relationship too.

Additionally, the Northern Bootcamp experience will create memories which will last a lifetime – the experience has been described as romantic by some, which may seem surprising but when you consider our luxury accommodation, the amazing food, and the picturesque background scenery of the Northumberland coastline, it’s easy to see how the camp can bring couples closer together.

Take advantage of our couples’ discount

We’ve got some great deals if you bring along a partner to boot camp – for the 1-day boot camp, you can both save £10, and for our weight-loss holidays you can both save £100 – that’s up to £200 you can save in total! Visit our website to see all of our discounts on offer.

These reasons aren’t just short-term advantages – after attending Northern Bootcamp, your whole outlook on fitness and nutrition will be changed forever and you’ll be bringing your healthy habits home to improve your long-term health.

Improve your sex life

Better endurance, strength, and flexibility are obviously going to improve the physical side of your relationship.

And it’s not just the physical side of sex that’s improved by being fitter – being obese hampers sex drive. There is a strong link between obesity and reduced sexual desire, so keeping fit helps to improve the mental and emotional aspect of sex.

It’s a win-win situation – keeping fit allows you to have more sex, and having more sex helps you to stay in shape.

Talk to your partner about coming along to one of our boot camps – we offer a perfect mixture of fitness and fun to help you achieve your goals. Get in touch today.

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