3220lb lost in 2014 at Northern Bootcamp!

3220lb lost in 2014 at Northern Bootcamp!

We’re proud of every single goal that is achieved and ounce of weight that our clients lose when they come to our boot camps – and put together, in 2014, you lost a total of 3,220lbs! It’s a remarkable achievement and we’re delighted for each and every one of you.

The success of Northern Bootcamp is down to the fact that we treat everyone as an individual. We offer high-quality tailored training schedules and a personal touch that helps guarantee results.

To mark your success last year, we’ve created an infographic that demonstrates what those 3,220lbs equates to – and which pays tribute to every single one of our campers who attended in 2014.

Click the infographic below to see the full-size version and if you joined us in 2014, see if you can spot your name!

Boot Camp Weight Loss Infographic


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