Northern Bootcamp 2017 results: before and after contest!
2017 results: before and after contest!

2017 results: before and after contest!

Caroline’s recap of 2017:

Myself, Dan and the entire Bootcamp team would like to take this opportunity to express our genuine appreciation for all the support we receive via social media, emails and simply spreading such positive words about Northern Bootcamp that reaches far beyond our Northern Roots.

As we move into our seventh year of running residential camps, we are continually grateful to have such a wonderful and life changing business. To have a team of people who love our company as much as we do is testament to the people we work with: you, our clients who make the job so much more than a job.

We are extremely proud of each and every client who comes through the door, often bringing with them all sorts of mixed feelings of nervousness, excitement, pure fear and then walking away with such different feelings ready to not only face the world again but to conquer it. You are an inspiration to us, too.

2017 has been our busiest ever year, as we helped over 500 clients to improve their fitness, burn some fat and find a new spring of motivation.  Many people send us words of thanks, but we are only here to support you.

It is your legs that carry you up that hill (several times), it is your determination that made you press the button to book a place and it is your personal motivation and willpower that will make the long-term changes. So, a big massive thank you to all of you who have joined us in 2017.

In 2018 we have exciting plans.  We’re planning developments to the building with extra accommodation onsite.  We have welcomed at least one new team member, Tony, who is an exceptional strength coach. We have welcomed back Neil, Bruce and Hetty with huge wide-open arms and we continue to have Carla and Annie in the kitchen who are constantly developing new products including starter packs to take away.

Leanne remains as part of our backbone looking after all of you so well. Dan and I will remain at the heart of daily camp life, with loads of new sessions to take and returners and new clients to meet. We really do love our company and we are so grateful that you do too.

Hope to see you in 2018!


2017’s before and after photo contest submissions:

Look at those amazing transformations!

Northern Bootcamp is very proud to announce the winner of our 2017 Before & After Competition…




Kate suffers from an auto immune disease and when she first attended camp we discussed at length how we would approach it.  We both decided that she would attempt to do all sessions but if at any point she was exhausted or felt her condition could worsen, she would stop.  On that first camp, Kate did not stop. She was tired at times, but continued to push through, showing true grit and determination.

She has been back to us several times since that first camp and each time comes back fitter and stronger.  Not only has she transformed her body, her whole life has changed.  She actually met her partner on Bootcamp and together they have embraced a well-balanced healthy lifestyle that incorporates fitness and is now just part of what they do.

The biggest change is in her medical condition that no longer holds her back or is means for excuse. The team feel extremely proud and privileged to have been the impetuous for a complete life transformation.

Congratulations and well done, Kate!

As a reward for your hard work and dedication, we’d like to offer you a free weekend bootcamp!

Please contact Leanne at to discuss dates.

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