12 GIFs that sum up the Northern Bootcamp experience

12 GIFs that perfectly sum up the Northern Bootcamp experience

1. When you’re not quite used to those 7am starts:



2. Ten seconds into your first run:



3. Ten minutes into your first run:



4. Making loads of new friends:



5. When the exhaustion hits you and you’re not ready for it:



6. When you make it back to your room:



7. And when you finally get to bed:



8. When you wake up the next day ready to smash it:



9. When you can’t quite believe how many kilos you’ve lost:



10. When you see how much weight everyone else has lost at the end of your stay:



11. When you get home and tell your family how much you’ve achieved:



12. And finally, when you can’t wait to come back to camp:

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