11 nutrition tips from Northern Bootcamp

11 nutrition tips from Northern Bootcamp

Nutrition is every bit as important as getting the right exercise – but knowing what to eat, and when, can be mystifying. Remember – you can enjoy your food as well as eat healthily.

We help out boot camp guests by providing all their meals and making sure they eat well – but it can be harder to stay disciplined when you’re at home or you’ve had a long day in the office.

So follow our simple nutrition tips and you won’t go far wrong.


Here is our 11-step guide to nutrition.

  • Eat natural, the less processed the food/drink, the better our body will process it.
  • Look for Protein in every meal. Aim towards 100g of protein per day, especially within 30 mins of exercise.
  • Avoid trans/hydrogenated fat – monitor fat intake BUT don’t exclude it. We need good fats. Read more about fats here.
  • Take on complex carbohydrates as a side portion, not a main meal.
  • Avoid wheat and increase variety in complex carbs, eg beans, pulses, lentils, vegetables, sweet pots
  • Maintain a varied and colourful diet, healthy food does NOT mean diet food!
  • Portion Size is everything. Think in small handfuls and no more.
  • Plan your meals in advance and be prepared for the moments when temptation strikes.
  • If it all goes wrong, draw a line under it and move on. We are not perfect, so don’t be disappointed when you make a bad choice, just try to make your next choices good choices
  • Be realistic, it is ok to have a small amount of something you love. Try to “Earn it or Burn it”
  • Enjoy all of your food and enjoy getting smaller, fitter and having more energy.
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