7 Day Virtual Bootcamp

7 Day Virtual Bootcamp

Northern Bootcamps’ virtual bootcamp program provides an interactive personal bootcamp that can be completed in the comfort of your own home. This is designed for anyone that is committed to taking part in a structured exercise routine and wants to make a real difference in  a short space of time.  It is perfect for anyone that would love to come on a bootcamp but is not able to leave home.

This is a full package that requires commitment for 7 days to a full exercise regime and a nutrition plan that you will be fully accountable for.

The package includes:

  • A 1-2-1 consultation with Caroline or Dan which includes virtual weights and measurements at the start and at the end of the week
  • An interactive fitness test on Day 1 with a meet your group briefing afterwards
  • A full menu plan for the week, including a shopping list. It is prepared from the bootcamp kitchen recipe book
  • Minimum of 1 interactive cookery class, to meal prep together and discuss food
  • Unlimited interactive zoom fitness classes (from 1 per week to 22!!!) with recommended classes to attend daily
  • Additional afternoon exercise suggestions with an optional check in to share statistics
  • Additional “camp only” classes including abs blasts and mobility classes
  • Additional nutrition seminar to discuss principles and share tips and ideas
  • Post session optional catch up time, to talk to fellow campers or ask the team any questions
  • Northern Bootcamp are using Zoom as their main technology platform and will also create a Whats App group to communicate.
  • How will it work?

You can sign up to the 1 week virtual camp via this link. You will then:

  • Need to register online, or make sure your registration details are up to date
  • Receive a discount code that can be used against any zoom classes you wish to join during the camp
  • Receive a recommended menu plan and shopping list (this is standard but variations can be given)
  • Agree a 1-2-1 consultation slot for medical review and weights and measures (optional) (preferably Friday)
  • Commit to a full program of wellbeing and exercise, adapted around you but with full accountability to the Bootcamp team

To view the online timetable of classes, please click here.

A live version of the intro of the classes can be recorded upon request for anyone that can’t make the class timetable. Please note this will not be the full class, and will be shared in the whats app group only.

What are the pre-requisites?

In order to get the most from your virtual bootcamp, we strongly recommend (although not essential) the following:

– Loop Resistance bands

– X 2 dumbells – or improvised weights – see youtube video on ideas by clicking here
– 1 kettlebell or improvised weight (eg milk carton filled with gravel)

Northern Bootcamp currently have some loop bands available to post for £12 plus £3 postage. This will be your own personal equipment to use long after bootcamp and you will also have the tools to use it on your own.

– Good quality internet access
– A mobile device or laptop that you can use for video conferencing
– A floor space approximately 5ft x 5ft


£200 for a fully inclusive virtual bootcamp

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