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"Name: Mark Edwards Age: 44 Where do you live (town/city): St Albans Weight before camp: 10 stone Weight after camp: 9 stone 6lbs Reason for attending: Improve fitness and fun! Highlight of the week: Coasteering Biggest surprise of the week:  Absailing (I’m afraid of heights!) Did you find any parts especially tough? Hill runs Would you come […]"


Emily Case lost 9lb at weight loss boot camp *

"Name: Emily Case Age: 32 Location: Godstone, Surrey Weight before camp: 12.8 stone Weight after camp: 11.13 stone and lost 12cm from my waist, Wahoo!! Current weight one month on from the camp: 11.7 stone and now wear size 12 jeans for the first time 🙂 Reason for attending the camp: motivation for weight loss, […]"

Lisa Shafe

Lost 1 stone on boot camp *

"Name: Lisa Shafe Age: 43 Where do you live (town/city): Hertfordshire Weight before camp: 12.5 stone Weight after camp: after 6th camp – 11.5 stone Reason for attending: weight loss, fitness and motivation Highlight of the week: first camp – off road bike ride, second camp coastering, third camp gorge walking, fourth camp team work […]"


Lost 13lb on 4 day boot camp *

"Name: Joanna Oliver Age: 34 Where do you live (town/city): Barnard Castle Weight before camp: 14st1Lb Weight after camp: 13st2Lb Reason for attending: Being Overweight and loosing my moJo needed a kick start into health & fitness Highlight of the week: All of it, food,exercise, the encouragement to keep going, loved the ocean club spa. Biggest surprise of the week: The amount […]"

Pete Hodgson

1 Stone lost on weight loss boot camp! *

"Name: Pete Hodgson Age: 49 and hanging on. Where do you live (town/city): Wolston, Warwickshire Weight before camp: 16 stone 3 lbs Weight after camp: 15 stone 3 lbs Reason for attending: Simply that as I was approaching 50 and wanted to get fit, lose weight and learn more about healthier lifestyle options. Highlight of […]"

Theresa Seal

7lb lost on Weight Loss Boot Camp *

"Age 56 years From Pembroke, South West Wales. Original weight before first bootcamp 11 st 2 lbs. From this camp 10 st 7 lbs. Final weight 10 st. Initially booked by my daughter as part of a bucket list I have, but for weight loss and improved fitness. THE highlight was getting to do body […]"

Caroline Smith

Boot Camp Testimonials from Trip Advisor *

"We are always delighted to get new TripAdvisor reviews for our boot camps. Here are a few of the most recent reviews but feel free to head over to TripAdvisor to read through them all! “A great week with a great result” “I had a great experience at Golden Hill, this was my second Northern […]"

Caroline Smith

Weight loss boot camp Testimonial – Nikky *

"I did a lot of research about various companies prior to attending and  settled on Northern Bootcamp due to testimonials and efficiency of the staff when I made enquiries. I didn’t really know what to expect, but on arrival I soon realised I had made a very good choice! The staff where friendly, encouraging and […]"

Caroline Smith

Sandie – Boot Camp Success Story *

"Quick update from me down in the cold realms of Durham Well fitness is going well and found a fab hill to do hill sprints if time is limited. Just signed up for the great north run via a local charity which is a goal I never thought I would achieve pre boot camp. I […]"

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