Northern Bootcamp Holiday in spain - a campers diary!

Northern Bootcamp Holiday………. a campers diary!

If you missed out on our daily blog of one of our 14 day campers from a previous Bootcamp holiday.  Here is your chance to read it all in its entirety!


Day 1, in the big brother house…

With an early flight and apprehensive thoughts about what was to unfold, I finally arrived at camp at midday after rising at 4 am…And Wow. The 20 bedroom villa is amazing. Fit for royalty, the entire place did not seem worthy of a bunch of sweaty unwashed roaming it’s grounds..

Of course when you are on the camp to lose weight and find some resemblance of fitness it’s hard not to compare yourself to others. Whilst I am the biggest here it’s irrelevant. No one here is here to judge. They just want to do their thing and achieve their own goals. So issue number one out of the way!

After all the introductions and everyone being super friendly, we got down to measurements and weighing in. This isn’t se ritual flogging, it’s all done privately and no one needs know a thing…

After a light bite, which was excellently prepared, we took to our first induction to training. Important warm ups and straight into Boxercise in the 18 degree sunshine..

Of course it was hard, but there wasn’t any pushing or shouting just encouragement – in fact everyone helped each other out. This ‘I’ve got your back’ attitude is going to help me through for sure.

You get out what you put in. No one is judging you, not your fellow campers nor the team.

We had supper all together, salmon beautifully cooked and for a guy who likes a Sunday roast I have to say I wasn’t disappointed and nor did I feel hungry.

Evening finished off with some ‘hot tub’ relaxation… And everyone disappeared off to their very comfortable beds for a well-deserved sleep…

I write this from my delicious oversized bed drinking my green tea.

Let’s see what tomorrow has in store. Night night campers.

1st day on Spanish camp

1st day on Spanish camp

Day Two in the big brother house.

It’s funny how you can sleep well after half a day’s exercise!

So the first full day in camp.  I guess this was the first real test… And the actual test came pre-breakfast. A fitness test!

At 7:30 in the morning it’s not what most of us would normally be doing but I assure you it’s a great way to start the day. For anyone worried that this is not achievable, think again. Our leader Dan always offers up two choices and there isn’t any pressure to do the hardest exercise. You just have to remember the theme of ‘you get out what you put in’.

A very healthy bowl of ‘bird food’ and we tweeted our way to the next sessions.

I’m not going to describe each session and what we did because part of the fun is the not knowing. And that’s the thing here, whilst it’s hard work, its great fun. You build up such camaraderie with your piers you can’t help but enjoy and support each other.

Our after lunch activity involved a beech a ball and a net. We all had a great time and this was the only time there’s been a little competition, but in the name of fun!

Team Northern Bootcamp

Team Northern Bootcamp

Another super tea ensued. I’m a big chap and whilst the food is restricted to a certain size and calorie intake I can honestly say I have not had a single moment of hunger. It’s really made me think about what I eat and what my body really needs.

Just a note on the food, this is all brilliantly prepared by our very own Conrad – every home should have one! His cooking is fab, seriously, I would come for the food alone!!

A final optional relaxation session to end the day and I am sure some of us were asleep during… Set us all up for a good night sleep.

Lots of tired happy and content campers!




Day 3 in the big brother house.

7:30 am again folks and these cardio work outs first thing are tough but really worthwhile…! It’s a good time to exercise!

It was a tough session for me as I have a bad knee but again instead of running, power walk… You only get asked to do what you can do, I mentioned this before but it’s really important to know that you really are not in any competition and there is no pressure whatsoever.

Today we had an amazing post -breakfast agenda, which mainly comprised of walking boots and a mountain! What a fantastic experience. It was tough at times but what a great achievement by everyone…

Spain Bootcamp Mountain Day

Last fun of the evening, back to the hot tub… Great for soothing those happy aching limbs…

The whole experience thus far has been fab, great food, people and exercise… And dare I say, I feel a little lighter and a little fitter!!


Day 4 in the big brother house…

It’s morning again and cutting it fine to make the 7:30 start. Ops! Must be all this fresh air and training…

Started off today with some more interval training (high intensity training). ‘Get me’ learning all the terminology!

Sadly I pulled my dodgy knee, the one everyone is sick of hearing about! I was forced to stop immediately, these guys seriously know what they are doing, they actually really care about us campers and it properly shows.

In true camp style, our other leader Caroline, came to the rescue and whisked me off for a bike ride. Same intensity but no impact on my knee.

After our breakfast we had a great talk on nutrition. It’s amazing what you don’t know, really. It has seriously made me consider what I put in my mouth in the future. Very insightful!

We moved on to some fun (and exercise) in the pool with the wonderful caring Colette (who always makes her sessions super fun) and after our snack had a great session with the kettle balls with Dan.


After lunch (alfresco), we had an afternoon out! Two great choices of activity. You’ll have to wait to find out what the activities were, sorry!


The one I chose was really good fun, coupled with some beautiful scenery. It was quite tough but the feeling you get when you complete these activities is amazing..!

Mountain Bike Spain

Another super supper from Conrad the kitchen genius and all round nice guy…

Before we depart for bed we are drinking a fruit tea and watching the Chelsea game. All is good!

…And to top it all a few of the campers told me my face looks slimmer and my round tummy was disappearing. Happy days…

Day 5 in the Big Brother house…

I call it that for a couple of reasons, a bunch of strangers chucked together in one space 24/7… And of course for the Northern accents of our leaders. My impression of them hasn’t got much better in 5 days…

7:30 and that can only mean one thing. Exercise! Today had a slight twist as we were down on the beach to see the amazing sunrise..I tried to gain some extra food by cycling down to the beach with Head Chef Conrad. He was having none of it so I took the van back to the main camp later to watch him cycle alone (sorry buddy).

Sunrise bonding ;-)

The beach work was ‘steady state’. Confused? Well we had to run jog or walk along the beach at the same pace for 15 minutes out and 15 minutes back… Not too easy doing any of those on sand!

After breakfast we had another great talk, this time focusing on exercise and to make a plan for we rerun home. The point is if you want a sustainable difference you have to make exercise part of your life. You have to push yourself. Let’s face it we all have 20 minutes a day where we don’t really have to sit on the couch! There’s lots of encouragement and we are setting up an email group to support each other…

Another couple of HIT sessions with Dan the master and our heart rates were soon up and just in time for another yummy lunch!!

The afternoon was almost a relaxation session offsite. These are great as rest / recovery it is just as important as exercise! It’s also good to get away from camp for a few hours!

Supper, well Conrad played a blinder and lavished us with sea bream and a chocolate mousse.. Heaven for everyone.

We had all booked a massage for after supper which was soooo good! 30 minutes of cracking out those stress points.

Tonight we are having Filim night (film for the non Geordie). A cuppa fruit tea and a bit of TV, all is good in camp tonight…

Day 6 in the Big Brother house…

Boom! How quickly did that week go? Well, really quickly!

Today for me felt like the last day of school, the knowledge that you won’t see your new friends for a while, the excitement of how good the teachers will make the last day and the looking forward to spending time at home. (Although I am here for a 2nd week)!

If I had to pick my favourite day, day 6 would come out on top. A combination of many things but for me Dan’s Boxercise class was amazing. I never thought I would hear myself say how much I enjoyed a training session… But when you give something your all and get in the zone, there’s no better feeling. And as the sweat poured from me the sense of achievement for all of us was simply fab.#

Spain Camp Boxing

A couple of little nock backs, one for my new best mate David and Nicola the ‘Boot Camp prize winner’, but everyone supported our new family members and peace soon returned to the forest…

The afternoon was like sports day at school. I can be such a kid (and maybe a little competitive)! We split in to pairs and I was lucky enough to partner camp superstar Colette, doesn’t get better than that!

We all had so much fun, honestly… It’s great to be outside, to play sports and exercise. I would like to state in public that I have never played tennis before, so there!

Our last supper together was a real treat, Conrad pulled out all the stops and produced another Michelin star meal.

We all then gathered around to view pictures and videos of our week. So many challenges for us all individually and so many great memories.

Whilst we have a last session Saturday morning before our weigh in and goodbyes, I would like to thank everyone who attended and our trainers all for being such lovely people. Everyone made this one of the best experiences I have had and to boot (camp), I think I may have even got a little fitter and dropped some pounds..

If anyone is contemplating doing this to help you on your way and help get you kick started to a healthier life – you really need to book on. Invest in you for a change and take the plunge – you will not regret it.

Here we are, day 7 in the BB house!

Today the final 5 left us, (3 of us doing two weeks). Amazing to see them all chuffed with their weight and inch loss!! Lots of happy campers!

I know I’m supposed to be a man, but when I found out what I had dropped in a week, I cried. I know a Northern Bootcamp should harden me up… I just couldn’t help it..

Was really sad to see our new found friends go, the girls were mostly dressed up and just looked amazing. All this in a week and great new friendships made.

Boot camp Spain

The four of us (includes one camper who leaves tomorrow) had a free day so we went and explored a little and had some food out. It may not have quite been Conrad’s standard but was pretty good

~ And we chose healthy options which amazed us all! It was nice to break out from camp but felt a little odd after a week of camp life. Breaking ourselves back in to civilisation. Thanks to Little Dawg David, Mary and Paula for such a wicked day of laughter and fun.

~ Back on the training tomorrow and exciting that we get to meet 7 new campers to welcome them into the fold…

And finally, I lost 26lb in a week. That’s 2lb short of two stone… Hence the tears of happiness! It’s down to the dedication of the team for all the training and the well measured and controlled food. I did put in some effort too! And if I can do it, anyone can… Seriously!

Night night campers… A new week unfolds…


Day 12 in the BB House…

It’s been a while since the last blog so I thought I would update you on camp…

The three two ‘weekers’ are holding in and trying our best to continue the momentum of week one.

There has been great variety this week thanks to thoughtful planning by Dan and Caroline not to reproduce everything we had previously done.

The walk up the mountain was the same route and I have to say I found it 50% easier than the previous week. I suspect carrying two stone less will do that. My heart didn’t quite jump out of my chest this time around!

I have been pushed on by my new best pal David, not sure I would have made it through without his friendship and constant shouting ‘come on big dawg’. Thanks matey. And of course the continued encouragement from the team.

We have had such an adventure, kayaking on the sea yesterday, wake boarding, which was sooo much fun, on a lake today. Well done to superhero Dan for getting around on skies!

Wake Boarding Spain


Day 14 in the BB house – weigh in day!

What can I say about Bootcamp?

Life changing, new friends, fun, hard, exciting, challenging. Worth every penny…

Personally I have had an amazing time. I will always remember my time here.

The team are driven professionals who know exactly what they are doing, who will push you to your own limits without pressure. Not only that they are all super supportive and really great people. They are from the North after all.

The decision to come on camp isn’t easy, what will people think of me, what if I can’t do it, what if I’m the biggest, what if I can’t keep up… Lots of what if’s.

Think about this; what if you don’t do it? Where will you be? Another failed diet?

This experience, my friends, is life changing but only you can make that decision.

As for the weigh in for me, 9lbs this week so that’s 35lb in two weeks. That’s a small child removed from my body! My jeans are falling down and I am very happy to buy a new pair!

I couldn’t be happier and I can’t recommend Northern Bootcamp enough.

Seriously, just do it.

Adiós from Spain and hope to see you again in November!


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