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So here we are after a fantastic year of NBC we are just about to start our last camp of 2013!! Hope you are all ready and raring to go ‘Class of 29th Nov’! Don’t let this cold chill worry you, bring plenty of layers and we will have you peeling them off in no […]

Jam packed Weekend 22nd Nov!

So we’ve just had a great end to our weekend camps in 2013! So much so, 3 have already booked to come back in 2014 and they’ve only been home 2 days!!       The group found themselves enjoying some outdoor adventure and counted more than 14 activities over the 2 day camp!  Well […]

Look what NBC can help you achieve in only one year! Well done Carol!

We are in the process of updating our website with Carols success, however, wanted to share the photos we’ve recently received from Carol. Carol came to her first camp in November 2012 and then returned in June 13.  Through-out the year Carol has used the motivation and advice gained on camp to work towards her own goals and targets.  Look […]

15th NOV Camp in full Swing!

  Our campers warming up nicely on this beautiful day! No worries about being chilly on a NBC!! Campers a great bunch this week all working hard to achieve their own  personal goals!!   Local wildlife popped through to give us some support this morning!   What an amazing sight! NBC loves our beautiful base here […]

NBC getting ready for their penultimate camp of 2013!

So as we approach our penultimate camp we are over the moon with the results and feedback that we have been receiving lately.  We are very proud of all our campers and their achievements and love to receive emails and updates on what is happening in their real word as they carry on their everyday lives […]

Inspirational Feedback we are so proud of!

Just thought I would share a mile stone that I have achieved today. Since the turn of the year, I have been regularly running 3km in the gym and have been trying to better my PB. I have got this down to 21 minutes on a gradient of 3 and I feel that I can still better […]

Our First Low Impact Fitness Retreat – 22nd JULY 5 DAY

We have designed a new type of bootcamp so that the Northern Bootcamp Experience is accessible to more people. If you love the idea and concept of a weight loss camp but have been too scared to sign up, then these camps could be the perfect option for you.  The concept is the same as […]

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