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Northern Bootcamp Motivational Testimonial

We are very proud of all of our campers achievement’s and even more so when they return home, inspired to carry on the good work!  There is nothing more satisfying for us as a team, when we know the good word of Northern Bootcamp is being passed on. We value all feedback and encourage campers […]

Northern Bootcamp… March camp in full swing!

All go on camp this week as we enter the second week of our 14 day camp.  It’s good to see a good mix of new and loyal campers with us.  We are very pleased and proud that almost 60% off our campers return to us for another instalment in NBC motivation and inspiration. Despite […]

Recipes to put a Spring in your step

Having just returned from a fantastic camp in Spain we have been analysing our results and looking at the reasons why weight loss results were truly amazing, yet energy levels remained high.  One of the key reasons, as with everyday life is down to the food that we were feeding our campers. With many Mediterranean […]

Northern Bootcamp Holiday………. a campers diary!

If you missed out on our daily blog of one of our 14 day campers from a previous Bootcamp holiday.  Here is your chance to read it all in its entirety! Day 1, in the big brother house… With an early flight and apprehensive thoughts about what was to unfold, I finally arrived at camp […]

Bootcamp in spain…DAY 14!! RESULTS DAY!

Day 14 in the BB house – weigh in day! What can I say about Bootcamp? Life changing, new friends, fun, hard, exciting, challenging. Worth every penny… Personally I have had an amazing time. I will always remember my time here. The team are driven professionals who know exactly what they are doing, who will […]

Bootcamp in Spain…..a campers Diary Day 12

Day 12 in the BB House… It’s been a while since the last blog so I though I would update you on camp… The three two ‘weekers’ are holding in and trying our best to continue the momentum of week one.. There has been great variety this week thanks to thoughtful planning by Dan and […]

Bootcamp in Spain…..a campers diary DAY SEVEN!!!

Here we are, day 7 in the BB house! Today the final 5 left us…(3 of us doing two weeks). Amazing to see them all chuffed with their weight and inch loss!! Lots of happy campers! I know I’m supposed to be a man, but when I found out what I had dropped in a […]

Bootcamp in Spain…a campers diary DAY SIX

Day 6 in the Big Brother house… Boom! How quickly did that week go? Well.. really quickly! Today for me felt like the last day of school, the knowledge that you won’t see your new friends for a while, the excitement of how good the teachers will make the last day and the looking forward […]

Bootcamp in Spain….a campers diary DAY 5!

Day 5 in the Big Brother house… I call it that for a couple of reasons, a bunch of strangers chucked together in one space 24/7… And of course for the Northern accents of our leaders. My impression of them hasn’t got much better in 5 days… 7:30 and that can only mean one thing.. […]

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