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Boot camp soup – spinach and lentil #SouperSeven

Here is the third in our series of #SouperSeven boot camp soups! Perfect winter warmers now the weather’s getting worse and the nights are growing longer. If you have any soup recipes or ideas yourself, please feel free to share them with us on Twitter using the #SouperSeven hashtag. Today’s soup is a delicious spinach […]

#SouperSeven – boot camp winter warmer spicy tomato soup

Second in our series of #Souperseven soups – this boot camp winter warmer is a great, tasty tomato soup with a twist! Tomatoes have great antioxidant benefits, containing an excellent amount of vitamin C, beta-carotene, and vitamin E. A large bowl of this delicious soup served with a small, wholemeal roll (without butter!) makes for […]

Try our #SouperSeven Boot camp winter soup warmers

Now the cold, wet and dark evenings have drawn in, it’s understandable that we crave comfort foods as winter fast approaches. But that doesn’t mean it has to be in the form of unhealthy and calorific meals. It is possible to eat warming, comforting foods without piling on the pounds. Soups are great winter foods […]

Strength training at home- Free routine for beginners

When the nights close in, we can all be tempted to hibernate. It’s too cold to go to the gym so we chose to go straight home and get cosy instead, we will save our exercise for the weekend, or maybe until next summer! If you are one of these people, or you simply just […]

Northern Bootcamp Team 12 hour Farne Island Challenge

12 hrs around the Farne Islands by kayak and Stand up Paddle board ! Northern Bootcamp is a prime location that people attend to push their physical limits and improve their fitness. After completing a recent first aid update course, the team agreed that a defibrillator would be an asset to the camp and to […]

Northern Bootcamp- A clients perspective 2019

    Monday 9th to Friday 13th September 2019 MONDAY I felt a frizzon of excitement as we turned into the drive of Northern Bootcamp. Caroline had picked up Gillian and I at Berwick station after our train journey from Leeds. It was noon on a sunny autumn day and camp, and surroundings at Golden […]

Northern Bootcamp Inspiring change

Thank you to Emma for her inspiring words on why you never regret returning to Northern Bootcamp! #smashingit #northernbootcamp #beinspired #bemotivated I just wanted to say a big thank you as I booked this camp for the same week as we did it last year and I couldn’t believe the difference in myself in a […]

Northern Bootcamp Loyal Clients Smashing Goals

Here at Northern Bootcamp we are always so proud to hear feedback from our clients who leave us filled with motivation and then go on to smash goals and challenges out of the park! The sense of achievement after you leave a Northern Bootcamp is immense and when clients fill their lifestyles goals whilst with […]

Northern Bootcamp #steppingoutthecomfortzone

Caroline here, so I recently stepped out of my comfort zone to attend a yoga and surf retreat in the canary islands.  The surfing was the part I was really looking forward to, the yoga was the real challenge for me. I have dabbled a little but my inability to sit still or lie down […]

Kayak yourself to fitness!

The gym can be an unappealing place, with unnatural lighting and questionable sweat patches left on the machines. Many people dread exercise because it’s associated with the gym. Although regular gym visits are a good way to get fit and set a routine – adventurous activities feel less like a chore and more like a […]

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