Lisa Shafe lost 1 stone on weight loss boot camp

Lost 1 stone on boot camp *

Name: Lisa Shafe

Age: 43

Where do you live (town/city): Hertfordshire

Weight before camp: 12.5 stone

Weight after camp: after 6th camp – 11.5 stone

Reason for attending: weight loss, fitness and motivation

Highlight of the week: first camp – off road bike ride, second camp coastering, third camp gorge walking, fourth camp team work climbing La Concha in warmer temperatures than anticipated

Biggest surprise of the week: how fun it could be… that goes for all the camps – you have to keep laughing

Did you find any parts especially tough? It is all tough, especially the mornings – but you just need to keep going, you will get there and you can do it, the recovery time between activities is enough, you learn that your body has an amazing capacity to recover and keep going

Would you come back to NBC or recommend it to a friend? I have return and recommended it to many

Will you be applying anything you have learned on camp to your everyday life?

After the first camp I re discovered my love of off road cycling, after my second camp the coastering inspired me to start caving, something I had been thinking about for a while, after the fourth camp, I decided to look into how I could start running – I have bursitis in both knees so should not do anything high impact, but after seen trail runners on la concha I started researching options and after 25 years I started running again – all off road – no man made surfaces and a low impact style – I have only started this 6 weeks ago at the time of writing this and I amusing the NHS couch to 5K app and running in the local woodlands, I have however put this on hold for boot camp week! The fifth bootcamp I completed was the first one I ran on – I should add this was a weekend boot camp the week prior to the sixth bootcamp!

As well as inspiring and motivating me to take up new things, one of the biggest things I took away from the camps is more knowledge of how my own body works and its capacity to keep going as well as what I can do with it.

I have been on 6 camps (22 days in total)- the camps I have been on have varied form 2-7 days, and lost 22lbs in total, however due to 75 days of business travel put some back on in between each camp, so my current weight loss is 14 pounds over the year since the first camp.

I have continued to attend camps as a weight loss, kick start and re motivation tool for myself for which they work a treat and I can highly recommend them!

*Results vary from person to person. Weight loss is dependent on campers sticking to meals as provided and taking part in all activities. We ask for 100% commitment and effort from all campers.

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