Kind words from Sarah a happy boot camper

Kind words from a happy camper!

It sometimes feels like we spend a lot of time telling people how amazing Northern Bootcamp is (it really is great!) – so it makes a refreshing change when a happy camper takes time out to let us know when we’ve been able to help them in a positive way.

Sarah Ward came on our Boot Camp Abroad in 2015, and when we sent an email to the group to mark the anniversary of their trip, Sarah was prompted to send the below response. Needless to say, we are delighted to see that the trip had such a positive effect on our campers – they are still in touch and still help to motivate each other.

Of course, not everyone comes to Northern Bootcamp to lose weight – we often help people, such as Sarah, to reach their fitness goals, too.

For now, over to Sarah:

“Wow. Reading that email was really interesting and made me realise that, actually, I’ve come really far since that first camp!

“I read your email after I had done my own TRX circuit out on my terrace and I was waiting for my circuit class to start. I had spent the afternoon prepping all of my food to take away to work with me so that I didn’t have to eat rubbish while I was away, so I can safely say that I have achieved a lot of my goals! I managed to do that after I had been at work since 4am!

“I still struggle a bit with eating enough protein but I use my fitness pal to log my food now, so at least I know, but I definitely still need to work on that. I do eat breakfast every day now though!

“It’s really funny when I think back to booking that first camp in Spain when I had no idea if I would enjoy it or if I was fit enough to do something like that. I’m now lucky enough to have made some great friends that I am in touch with regularly.

“I always loved exercise but going on that first camp genuinely changed my life. The way that I eat, the way I work out and the education that I have been given because of you guys has changed the way I think completely. I don’t know if you really understand the impact that you have on a lot of peoples lives! I was so nervous arriving in Spain last year and now I literally count the days until my next camp!

“Laura, Fi, Alice, Ceire, Carey and I are constantly chatting and keeping each other up to date on what we have done that day, what we have eaten and we motivate each other massively. Our favourite saying is “what would Caroline say?” We have steps competitions on Fitbit and I have definitely never gone for an evening walk just to knock anyone off top spot as I am definitely not competitive……..!

“So really, I just wanted to check in with you lot to tell you that the 4 of you are absolute superstars and so inspirational. I can’t say enough good things about you and what you have done for me over the last year! See you in October! (If I don’t sneak in another cheeky camp before!)”

DISCLAIMER * Results vary from person to person. Weight loss is dependent on campers sticking to meals as provided and taking part in all activities. We ask for 100% commitment and effort from all campers.

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