Joanne Oliver lost 13lb on 4 day boot camp

Lost 13lb on 4 day boot camp *

Name: Joanna Oliver

Age: 34

Where do you live (town/city): Barnard Castle

Weight before camp: 14st1Lb

Weight after camp: 13st2Lb

Reason for attending: Being Overweight and loosing my moJo needed a kick start into health & fitness

Highlight of the week: All of it, food,exercise, the encouragement to keep going, loved the ocean club spa.

Biggest surprise of the week: The amount of weight lost in just a 4 day camp.

Did you find any parts especially tough? Getting up on day 3, but one I was out of bed I was fine.

Would you come back to NBC or recommend it to a friend? Yes I would defiantly recommend and will be coming back.

Will you be applying anything you have learned on camp to your everyday life? Eating from a smaller plate & to make the exercise I do count.

*Results vary from person to person. Weight loss is dependent on campers sticking to meals as provided and taking part in all activities. We ask for 100% commitment and effort from all campers.


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