7lb Weight Loss and 12.5cm waist at Northern Boot Camp

7lb lost on Weight Loss Boot Camp *

Age 56 years From Pembroke, South West Wales.

Original weight before first bootcamp 11 st 2 lbs.
From this camp 10 st 7 lbs.
Final weight 10 st.

Initially booked by my daughter as part of a bucket list I have, but for weight loss and improved fitness. THE highlight was getting to do body boarding twice!! Not bad for a poor swimmer!

The best bit was losing 12.5 cms!!

The endurance walk towards the end was testing on my back, but then its only been 5 months since surgery.

Already planning on coming back next year for a 4 day ” refresher” to keep me on my toes.

Always recommending to friends, I have a couple who would love to do it but just teetering on applying.

I have changed the way I eat, and am a more discerning shopper when it comes to checking ingredients. Still trying to get my head around not buying fat free yoghurt! But it’s in the fridge.

It has given me the confidence to set my self challenges. The next being to walk up Snowdon, which some may say isn’t too challenging except for someone with a huge fear of heights.

See her video below:-

*Results vary from person to person. Weight loss is dependent on campers sticking to meals as provided and taking part in all activities. We ask for 100% commitment and effort from all campers.

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