2 Week camp! Enlightening and Inspirational.. I will be back! - Northern Bootcamp
2 Week camp! Enlightening and Inspirational.. I will be back!

2 Week camp! Enlightening and Inspirational.. I will be back!

I was one of the crazy people who opted for a 2 week weight loss camp. I am someone who was last very much active when at school but let things very much slip with all the distractions and temptations of modern life. I chose this bootcamp because of the stunning Northumberland location. It will not disappoint!

I would describe this programme as both holistic and varied. They look carefully at all aspects: dietary intake; energy expenditure and exercise; and the psychological challenges of making lifestyle changes. My little garden pod room accommodation was a delight to be in.

The types of activities were very varied, and I learned so much about different types of exercise and stretching techniques, and the science of burning fat and building muscle. When it came to thinking about action planning for myself after leaving the camp, I realized that I had been exposed to so many different types of activity and that some could definitely be incorporated into my weekly routine.

The food was amazing. I was someone who loves my food, and it was enlightening and inspirational to see how calorie-conscious healthy options can still be very enjoyable. I never left an empty plate.

And this camp would not be the success it is without the people. They care about you, they motivate you, and are great examples and role models in themselves with their backgrounds and physical condition. I would look to them for their expert guidance and pastoral care for health and fitness in the future, no question. Don’t underestimate the value of your fellow campers as well – they were instrumental in keeping up motivation and humour when you are hobbling around with muscle ache from the first few days!

Thank you Northern Bootcamp for everything. I will undoubtedly be back

DISCLAIMER * Results vary from person to person. Weight loss is dependent on campers sticking to meals as provided and taking part in all activities. We ask for 100% commitment and effort from all campers.

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