Online Fitness Classes
Online Fitness Classes

Online Fitness Classes



Northern Bootcamp is back online with a full schedule of zoom fitness classes. Tried and tested this summer, the online interactive fitness classes helped so many people to stay (or get) fit from their own sitting rooms, kitchens and gardens.

Using Zoom as a platform, it is simple and quick to join meetings and offers different types of views for your convenience, whether joining with a phone, tablet or PC, you will be able to highlight the trainer so that you can follow the class easily and if you would like feedback on form, then Caroline and Dan will be sure to give it if you have your camera set up. It is a great way to come together to exercise in a group, in a fitness class with all abilities, ages with plenty alternative exercises that enable you to push yourself to your maximum, individual capabilities.

The classes are live and interactive. Group numbers are limited (depending on the type of session) to ensure we are able to maintain individual feedback throughout the session.  All sessions are tailored for different fitness levels, for different ranges of movement and for different injury restrictions. There are advanced options, beginner options and no impact options.

Duration of sessions range from 30mins to 45mins.

Some sessions require equipment, however this can be improvised equipment with materials from home.  Click here for examples of how to do this.

These sessions are fully interactive, with masses of enthusiasm, energy and support which makes it so much more fun than following a fitness video on your own. The lead instructor will keep a close eye on your form to ensure each exercise is executed safely and to maximum effectiveness with good posture and technique.  However we will work hard to motivate you to push yourself to your individual maximum level to help you get results and feel fantastic.

You can choose the view that you want to see on your screen during a class. Some will find it motivating to see others working ‘alongside you’ but others may prefer to have a one-to-one view with the instructor only during the class – either is fine.

The weekly program is varied to ensure we are offering the full range of fitness classes that will help you to incorporate, all of the fundamental elements of fitness.  We encourage those of you that have equipment to dust it off and put it to use and those that haven’t to work with body weight or improvised items we can find around the home.

The details of the weekly class timetable can be found by clicking HERE.  They will be distributed via email if you have requested to join the mailing list for zoom classes.

All class participants must have filled out a registration form and disclaimer, which can be found by clicking on this link. This only needs to be done once and many of our campers will have one already, but it is your responsibility to make sure it is up to date. We will be checking this before the start of class and if anything has changed, please message or sign up on time to make sure we can discuss this with you.


Payment is optional.  For those that are able and would like to donate, we recommend £5 per class. To join, simply request to be added to the mailing list by emailing   You will receive an email with the meeting code and password, which will remain the same for every class, making it easy join whenever you would like to.

Our aim is to encourage as many of you as possible to exercise, feel great about yourself and stay active. If this is all very new and very daunting, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can talk you through the process.




If you are interested, please let us know . Call Leanne today on 01668 26076 or email


Terms and Conditions for Northern Bootcamp Online PT

  1. Participation in any tests and future exercise is voluntary.
  1. You are free to deny consent or withdraw consent at any time after consenting.
  1. It is your full responsibility to inform Northern Bootcamp of any problems you experience as well as any changes to your physical and medical condition.
  1. If you have any reservations or doubts, please voice these concerns and ask for an explanation or clarification.
  1. You consent to being aware of your own health and physical condition and have knowledge that your participation in this program and fitness testing procedures may be injurious to your health and you are voluntarily participating in Northern Bootcamp Online PT exercise program. Having such knowledge you thereby release Northern Bootcamp, its representatives, employees and successors from liability for accidental injury, illness or death which you may incur as a result of participating in the said programme. You hereby assume all risks connected therewith and consent to participate in said programme.
  1. You may cancel your subscription at any time, however, the 4 week program cost is non-refundable.
  1. All weekly programs will start on a Monday. If you require an alternative start day of the week, then this will be charged at £5 per daily plan.
  1. Northern Bootcamp reserves the right to cancel online training at anytime if they feel that the program is not conducive to client health or wellbeing.
  1. You will be assigned to a trainer that is specialist in the area relating to your goals. Northern Bootcamp reserves the right to alter the trainer at anytime but will commit to maintaining the same service.
  1. Any block of online PT weeks purchased are non-refundable, however the training can be on hold for upto 4 months if injury or unforeseen circumstances deem this necessary. In the event illness inhibits continuation we will allow the remaining weeks that have been paid for to be transferred to a person of your choice.
  1. You agree to abide by the agreement with Northern Bootcamp and its employees that all fees paid for online training and related services will be paid to Northern Bootcamp Online.
  1. Clients are strictly forbidden to approach any trainers/employees with any form of job offer in a related or unrelated field of work during said trainers/employees commitment to employment with Northern Bootcamp. 19. The purchase of any course or product by Northern Bootcamp is deemed as acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. 20. Northern Bootcamp reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately.
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